Crystal structure of PA0091 VgrG1, the central spike of the Type VI Secretion System

Experimental Data Snapshot

  • Resolution: 3.32 Å
  • R-Value Free: 0.195 
  • R-Value Work: 0.170 
  • R-Value Observed: 0.175 

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The conserved architecture of the T6SS central spike complex

Sycheva, L.V.Shneider, M.M.Basler, M.Ho, B.T.Mekalanos, J.J.Leiman, P.G.

To be published.

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Entity ID: 1
MoleculeChains Sequence LengthOrganismDetailsImage
A, B, C, D, E
A, B, C, D, E, F
643Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1Mutation(s): 0 
Gene Names: PA0091vgrG1
Find proteins for Q9I741 (Pseudomonas aeruginosa (strain ATCC 15692 / DSM 22644 / CIP 104116 / JCM 14847 / LMG 12228 / 1C / PRS 101 / PAO1))
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Entity Groups  
Sequence Clusters30% Identity50% Identity70% Identity90% Identity95% Identity100% Identity
UniProt GroupQ9I741
Sequence Annotations
  • Reference Sequence
Small Molecules
Ligands 2 Unique
IDChains Name / Formula / InChI Key2D Diagram3D Interactions
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CB [auth A],
CG [auth D]
C7 H17 N O3
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AA [auth A]
AB [auth A]
AC [auth B]
AD [auth B]
AE [auth C]
AA [auth A],
AB [auth A],
AC [auth B],
AD [auth B],
AE [auth C],
AF [auth D],
AG [auth D],
AH [auth E],
AI [auth F],
AJ [auth F],
BA [auth A],
BB [auth A],
BC [auth B],
BD [auth B],
BE [auth C],
BF [auth D],
BG [auth D],
BH [auth E],
BI [auth F],
BJ [auth F],
CA [auth A],
CC [auth B],
CD [auth C],
CE [auth C],
CF [auth D],
CH [auth E],
CI [auth F],
CJ [auth F],
DA [auth A],
DB [auth A],
DC [auth B],
DD [auth C],
DE [auth C],
DF [auth D],
DG [auth D],
DH [auth E],
DI [auth F],
DJ [auth F],
EA [auth A],
EB [auth B],
EC [auth B],
ED [auth C],
EE [auth C],
EF [auth D],
EG [auth E],
EH [auth E],
EI [auth F],
FA [auth A],
FB [auth B],
FC [auth B],
FD [auth C],
FE [auth C],
FF [auth D],
FG [auth E],
FH [auth E],
FI [auth F],
G [auth A],
GA [auth A],
GB [auth B],
GC [auth B],
GD [auth C],
GE [auth C],
GF [auth D],
GG [auth E],
GH [auth E],
GI [auth F],
H [auth A],
HA [auth A],
HB [auth B],
HC [auth B],
HD [auth C],
HE [auth C],
HF [auth D],
HG [auth E],
HH [auth E],
HI [auth F],
I [auth A],
IA [auth A],
IB [auth B],
IC [auth B],
ID [auth C],
IE [auth C],
IF [auth D],
IG [auth E],
IH [auth E],
II [auth F],
J [auth A],
JA [auth A],
JB [auth B],
JC [auth B],
JD [auth C],
JE [auth C],
JF [auth D],
JG [auth E],
JH [auth E],
JI [auth F],
K [auth A],
KA [auth A],
KB [auth B],
KC [auth B],
KD [auth C],
KE [auth C],
KF [auth D],
KG [auth E],
KH [auth E],
KI [auth F],
L [auth A],
LA [auth A],
LB [auth B],
LC [auth B],
LD [auth C],
LE [auth C],
LF [auth D],
LG [auth E],
LH [auth E],
LI [auth F],
M [auth A],
MA [auth A],
MB [auth B],
MC [auth B],
MD [auth C],
ME [auth C],
MF [auth D],
MG [auth E],
MH [auth F],
MI [auth F],
N [auth A],
NA [auth A],
NB [auth B],
NC [auth B],
ND [auth C],
NE [auth C],
NF [auth D],
NG [auth E],
NH [auth F],
NI [auth F],
O [auth A],
OA [auth A],
OB [auth B],
OC [auth B],
OD [auth C],
OE [auth C],
OF [auth D],
OG [auth E],
OH [auth F],
OI [auth F],
P [auth A],
PA [auth A],
PB [auth B],
PC [auth B],
PD [auth C],
PE [auth C],
PF [auth D],
PG [auth E],
PH [auth F],
PI [auth F],
Q [auth A],
QA [auth A],
QB [auth B],
QC [auth B],
QD [auth C],
QE [auth C],
QF [auth D],
QG [auth E],
QH [auth F],
QI [auth F],
R [auth A],
RA [auth A],
RB [auth B],
RC [auth B],
RD [auth C],
RE [auth C],
RF [auth D],
RG [auth E],
RH [auth F],
RI [auth F],
S [auth A],
SA [auth A],
SB [auth B],
SC [auth B],
SD [auth C],
SE [auth C],
SF [auth D],
SG [auth E],
SH [auth F],
SI [auth F],
T [auth A],
TA [auth A],
TB [auth B],
TC [auth B],
TD [auth C],
TE [auth C],
TF [auth D],
TG [auth E],
TH [auth F],
TI [auth F],
U [auth A],
UA [auth A],
UB [auth B],
UC [auth B],
UD [auth C],
UE [auth D],
UF [auth D],
UG [auth E],
UH [auth F],
UI [auth F],
V [auth A],
VA [auth A],
VB [auth B],
VC [auth B],
VD [auth C],
VE [auth D],
VF [auth D],
VG [auth E],
VH [auth F],
VI [auth F],
W [auth A],
WA [auth A],
WB [auth B],
WC [auth B],
WD [auth C],
WE [auth D],
WF [auth D],
WG [auth E],
WH [auth F],
WI [auth F],
X [auth A],
XA [auth A],
XB [auth B],
XC [auth B],
XD [auth C],
XE [auth D],
XF [auth D],
XG [auth E],
XH [auth F],
XI [auth F],
Y [auth A],
YA [auth A],
YB [auth B],
YC [auth B],
YD [auth C],
YE [auth D],
YF [auth D],
YG [auth E],
YH [auth F],
YI [auth F],
Z [auth A],
ZA [auth A],
ZB [auth B],
ZC [auth B],
ZD [auth C],
ZE [auth D],
ZF [auth D],
ZG [auth E],
ZH [auth F],
ZI [auth F]
O4 S
Experimental Data & Validation

Experimental Data

Unit Cell:
Length ( Å )Angle ( ˚ )
a = 168.275α = 90
b = 168.275β = 90
c = 652.849γ = 120
Software Package:
Software NamePurpose
RESOLVEmodel building
XDSdata reduction
XDSdata scaling

Structure Validation

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Deposition Data

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  • Version 1.0: 2014-10-01
    Type: Initial release
  • Version 1.1: 2017-11-15
    Changes: Refinement description
  • Version 1.2: 2023-09-20
    Changes: Data collection, Database references, Derived calculations, Refinement description