Solution NMR Structure of the Membrane Protein Stannin

NMR Experiment
ExperimentTypeSample ContentsSolventIonic StrengthpHPressureTemperature (K)Spectrometer
13D_15N-separated_NOESY0.5-0.7 mM Stannin U-15N or U-15N/13C; 20 mM phosphate buffer; 600 mM d25-sodium dodecyl sulfate; 90% H2O; 10% D2O; 0.02% sodium azide; 0.7 mM DTT90% H2O/10% D2O120 mM NaCl4.0ambient333
NMR Spectrometer Information
SpectrometerManufacturerModelField Strength
NMR Refinement
distance geometry simulated annealing molecular dynamicsstructures based on 468 NOE distance constraints, 70 distance restraints from hydrogen bondsVNMR
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformer Selection Criteriastructures with the lowest energy
Conformers Calculated Total Number100
Conformers Submitted Total Number25
Representative Model22 (minimized average structure)
Additional NMR Experimental Information
DetailsBackbone assignments were made using 3D-TROSY based HNCA, HN(CO)CA, HNCACB, CBCA(CO)NH and HNCO experiments. Side chains and NOEs were assigned with 3D [1H, 15N]-TOCSY-HSQC and 3D [1H,15N]-NOESY-HSQC experiments
Computation: NMR Software
#ClassificationVersionSoftware NameAuthor
2processingNMRPipe97.027.12.56Delaglio, Grzesiek, Vuister, Zhu, Pfeifer and Bax
3data analysisSparky3.111Goddard and Kneller
4structure solutionX-PLOR2.11Schwieters, Kuszewski, Tjandra and Clore
5refinementX-PLOR2.11Schwieters, Kuszewski, Tjandra and Clore