Multifunctional methyltransferase subunit TRM112-like protein

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UniProtKB description:  Acts as an activator of both rRNA/tRNA and protein methyltransferases (PubMed:25851604, PubMed:18539146, PubMed:20308323, PubMed:25851604, PubMed:31328227, PubMed:31636962, PubMed:31061526). Together with methyltransferase BUD23, methylates the N(7) position of a guanine in 18S rRNA (PubMed:25851604). The heterodimer with N6AMT1/HEMK2 catalyzes N5-methylation of ETF1 on 'Gln-185', using S-adenosyl L-methionine as methyl donor (PubMed:18539146, PubMed:31636962, PubMed:31061526). The heterodimer with N6AMT1/HEMK2 also monomethylates 'Lys-12' of histone H4 (H4K12me1) (PubMed:31061526). The heterodimer with ALKBH8 catalyzes the methylation of 5-carboxymethyl uridine to 5-methylcarboxymethyl uridine at the wobble position of the anticodon loop in target tRNA species (PubMed:20308323). Together with methyltransferase THUMPD3, catalyzes the formation of N(2)-methylguanosine at position 6 in a broad range of tRNA substrates and at position 7 of tRNA(Trp) (PubMed:34669960). Involved in the pre-rRNA processing steps leading to small-subunit rRNA production (PubMed:25851604). Together with methyltransferase METTL5, specifically methylates the 6th position of adenine in position 1832 of 18S rRNA (PubMed:33428944, PubMed:35033535, PubMed:31328227).
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