Golgi-associated PDZ and coiled-coil motif-containing protein

UniProtKB accession:  Q9HD26
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UniProtKB description:  Plays a role in intracellular protein trafficking and degradation (PubMed:11707463, PubMed:14570915, PubMed:15358775). May regulate CFTR chloride currents and acid-induced ASIC3 currents by modulating cell surface expression of both channels (By similarity). May also regulate the intracellular trafficking of the ADR1B receptor (PubMed:15358775). May play a role in autophagy (By similarity). Together with MARCHF2 mediates the ubiquitination and lysosomal degradation of CFTR (PubMed:23818989). Overexpression results in CFTR intracellular retention and lysosomaldegradation in the lysosomes (PubMed:11707463, PubMed:14570915).
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