Beta-1,3-glucan-binding protein

UniProtKB accession:  Q8MU95
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UniProtKB description:  Involved in the recognition of invading microorganisms causing their aggregation (PubMed:12770576, PubMed:15084591). Activates the phenoloxidase cascade (PubMed:12770576, PubMed:15084591, PubMed:23237493). Binds specifically to beta-1,3-glucan (PubMed:12770576, PubMed:15084591, PubMed:21697086, PubMed:23237493). Binds to curdlan, a linear water-insoluble beta-1,3-glucan polysaccharide, and to laminarin, a water-soluble beta-1,3-glucan polysaccharide containing beta-1,6 branches (PubMed:15084591, PubMed:21697086, PubMed:23237493). Binds also to lipopolysaccharide and lipoteichoic acid (PubMed:15084591).
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