TATA-box-binding protein

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UniProtKB description:  The TFIID basal transcription factor complex plays a major role in the initiation of RNA polymerase II (Pol II)-dependent transcription (PubMed:33795473). TFIID recognizes and binds promoters with or without a TATA box via its subunit TBP, a TATA-box-binding protein, and promotes assembly of the pre-initiation complex (PIC) (PubMed:33795473, PubMed:27193682, PubMed:2194289, PubMed:2363050, PubMed:2374612). The TFIID complex consists of TBP and TBP-associated factors (TAFs), including TAF1, TAF2, TAF3, TAF4, TAF5, TAF6, TAF7, TAF8, TAF9, TAF10, TAF11, TAF12 and TAF13 (PubMed:33795473, PubMed:27007846). The TFIID complex structure can be divided into 3 modules TFIID-A, TFIID-B, and TFIID-C (PubMed:33795473). TBP forms the TFIID-A module together with TAF3 and TAF5 (PubMed:33795473). TBP is a general transcription factor that functions at the core of the TFIID complex (PubMed:33795473, PubMed:27193682, PubMed:2194289, PubMed:2363050, PubMed:2374612, PubMed:9836642). During assembly of the core PIC on the promoter, as part of TFIID, TBP binds to and also bends promoter DNA, irrespective of whether the promoter contains a TATA box (PubMed:33795473). Component of a BRF2-containing transcription factor complex that regulates transcription mediated by RNA polymerase III (PubMed:26638071). Component of the transcription factor SL1/TIF-IB complex, which is involved in the assembly of the PIC during RNA polymerase I-dependent transcription (PubMed:15970593). The rate of PIC formation probably is primarily dependent on the rate of association of SL1 with the rDNA promoter (PubMed:15970593). SL1 is involved in stabilization of nucleolar transcription factor 1/UBTF on rDNA (PubMed:15970593).
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