Nucleoprotein TPR

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UniProtKB description:  Component of the nuclear pore complex (NPC), a complex required for the trafficking across the nuclear envelope. Functions as a scaffolding element in the nuclear phase of the NPC essential for normal nucleocytoplasmic transport of proteins and mRNAs, plays a role in the establishment of nuclear-peripheral chromatin compartmentalization in interphase, and in the mitotic spindle checkpoint signaling during mitosis. Involved in the quality control and retention of unspliced mRNAs in the nucleus; in association with NUP153, regulates the nuclear export of unspliced mRNA species bearing constitutive transport element (CTE) in a NXF1- and KHDRBS1-independent manner. Negatively regulates both the association of CTE-containing mRNA with large polyribosomes and translation initiation. Does not play any role in Rev response element (RRE)-mediated export of unspliced mRNAs. Implicated in nuclear export of mRNAs transcribed from heat shock gene promoters; associates both with chromatin in the HSP70 promoter and with mRNAs transcribed from this promoter under stress-induced conditions. Modulates the nucleocytoplasmic transport of activated MAPK1/ERK2 and huntingtin/HTT and may serve as a docking site for the XPO1/CRM1-mediated nuclear export complex. According to some authors, plays a limited role in the regulation of nuclear protein export (PubMed:11952838, PubMed:22253824). Also plays a role as a structural and functional element of the perinuclear chromatin distribution; involved in the formation and/or maintenance of NPC-associated perinuclear heterochromatin exclusion zones (HEZs). Finally, acts as a spatial regulator of the spindle-assembly checkpoint (SAC) response ensuring a timely and effective recruitment of spindle checkpoint proteins like MAD1L1 and MAD2L1 to unattached kinetochore during the metaphase-anaphase transition before chromosome congression. Its N-terminus is involved in activation of oncogenic kinases.
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