3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase 1

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UniProtKB description:  Involved in the type II fatty acid elongation cycle. Catalyzes the elongation of a wide range of acyl-ACP by the addition of two carbons from malonyl-ACP to an acyl acceptor (PubMed:19679654, PubMed:22017312, PubMed:8910376, PubMed:9013860). Can also use unsaturated fatty acids (PubMed:19679654, PubMed:3076377, PubMed:8910376). Catalyzes a key reaction in unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) synthesis, the elongation of the cis-3-decenoyl-ACP produced by FabA (PubMed:19679654). Can use acyl chains from C-6 to C-14 (PubMed:19679654, PubMed:22017312, PubMed:8910376, PubMed:9013860). Has an absolute requirement for an ACP substrate as the acyl donor, and no activity is detected when both substrates are based on CoA (PubMed:22017312).
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