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UniProtKB description:  Capsid protein interacts with genomic RNA and assembles into icosahedric core particles 65-70 nm in diameter (PubMed:28575072). The resulting nucleocapsid eventually associates with the cytoplasmic domain of E2 at the cell membrane, leading to budding and formation of mature virions from host Golgi membranes (PubMed:28575072). Phosphorylation negatively regulates RNA-binding activity, possibly delaying virion assembly during the viral replication phase. Capsid protein dimerizes and becomes disulfide-linked in the virion (PubMed:24282305). Modulates genomic RNA replication. Modulates subgenomic RNA synthesis by interacting with human C1QBP/SF2P32 (PubMed:10823864). Induces both perinuclear clustering of mitochondria and the formation of electron-dense intermitochondrial plaques, both hallmarks of rubella virus infected cells (PubMed:16051872). Induces apoptosis when expressed in transfected cells (PubMed:11017784).
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