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UniProtKB description:  Photoreceptor required for image-forming vision at low light intensity. Required for photoreceptor cell viability after birth (By similarity). Light-induced isomerization of 11-cis to all-trans retinal triggers a conformational change that activates signaling via G-proteins (PubMed:10926528, PubMed:12044163, PubMed:11972040, PubMed:16908857, PubMed:16586416, PubMed:17060607, PubMed:17449675, PubMed:18818650, PubMed:21389983, PubMed:22198838, PubMed:23579341, PubMed:25205354, PubMed:27458239). Subsequent receptor phosphorylation mediates displacement of the bound G-protein alpha subunit by the arrestin SAG and terminates signaling (PubMed:1396673, PubMed:15111114).
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