Carbonic anhydrase 2

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UniProtKB description:  Catalyzes the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide (PubMed:1909891, PubMed:1910042, PubMed:1336460, PubMed:8485129, PubMed:8399159, PubMed:8218160, PubMed:8262987, PubMed:8451242, PubMed:7901850, PubMed:7761440, PubMed:8639494, PubMed:9265618, PubMed:17330962, PubMed:9398308, PubMed:11327835, PubMed:12056894, PubMed:17346964, PubMed:12171926, PubMed:15453828, PubMed:16214338, PubMed:15865431, PubMed:16106378, PubMed:15300855, PubMed:15667203, PubMed:18942852, PubMed:11831900, PubMed:17251017). Can also hydrate cyanamide to urea (PubMed:10550681, PubMed:11015219). Stimulates the chloride-bicarbonate exchange activity of SLC26A6 (PubMed:15990874). Essential for bone resorption and osteoclast differentiation (PubMed:15300855). Involved in the regulation of fluid secretion into the anterior chamber of the eye. Contributes to intracellular pH regulation in the duodenal upper villous epithelium during proton-coupled peptide absorption.
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