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ChainsDomain InfoClassFoldSuperfamilyFamilyDomainSpeciesProvenance Source (Version)
Ad2b6pa_ Membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides Aquaporin-like Aquaporin-like Aquaporin-like automated matches (Bos taurus ) [TaxId: 9913 ], SCOPe (2.08)

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ChainsTypeFamily Name Domain Identifier Family IdentifierProvenance Source (Version)
ASCOP2B SuperfamilyAquaporin-like8033436 3000508 SCOP2B (2022-06-29)

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ChainsFamily NameDomain Identifier ArchitecturePossible HomologyHomologyTopologyFamilyProvenance Source (Version)
APF00230e2b6pA1 A: alpha complex topologyX: Aquaporin-like (From Topology)H: Aquaporin-like (From Topology)T: Aquaporin-likeF: PF00230ECOD (1.6)

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ChainDomainClassArchitectureTopologyHomologyProvenance Source (Version)
A1.20.1080.10 Mainly Alpha Up-down Bundle Glycerol uptake facilitator protein Glycerol uptake facilitator protein.CATH (4.3.0)

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PF00230Major intrinsic protein (MIP)Major intrinsic protein- Family

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ChainsPolymerMolecular FunctionBiological ProcessCellular Component
Lens fiber major intrinsic protein

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