E.Coli 70s Ribosome Stalled During Translation Of Tnac Leader Peptide. This File Contains The 30s, The P-Site Trna And The Tnac Leader Peptide (Part 1 Of 2).

  • Deposited: 2009-10-26 Released: 2010-04-14 
  • Deposition Author(s): Seidelt, B., Innis, C.A., Wilson, D.N., Gartmann, M., Armache, J., Villa, E., Trabuco, L.G., Becker, T., Mielke, T., Schulten, K., Steitz, T.A., Beckmann, R.
  • Entry 2WWL was removed from the distribution of released PDB entries (status Obsolete) on 2014-12-10.
  • It has been replaced (superseded) by 4V5H.
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