Structures of two thermolysin-inhibitor complexes that differ by a single hydrogen bond

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Structures of two thermolysin-inhibitor complexes that differ by a single hydrogen bond.

Tronrud, D.E.Holden, H.M.Matthews, B.W.

(1987) Science 235: 571-574

  • PubMed Abstract: 
  • The mode of binding to thermolysin of the ester analog Cbz-GlyP-(O)-Leu-Leu has been determined by x-ray crystallography and shown to be virtually identical (maximum difference 0.2 angstrom) with the corresponding peptide analog Cbz-GlyP-(NH)-Leu-Leu ...

    The mode of binding to thermolysin of the ester analog Cbz-GlyP-(O)-Leu-Leu has been determined by x-ray crystallography and shown to be virtually identical (maximum difference 0.2 angstrom) with the corresponding peptide analog Cbz-GlyP-(NH)-Leu-Leu. The two inhibitors provide a matched pair of enzyme-inhibitor complexes that differ by 4.1 kilocalories per mole in intrinsic binding energy but are essentially identical except for the presence or absence of a specific hydrogen bond.

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ECBZ-GLYP-(O)-LEU-LEU (ZGP(O)LL)Peptide-like / Enzyme inhibitor


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  • Resolution: 1.6 Å
  • Space Group: P 61 2 2
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a = 94.100α = 90.00
b = 94.100β = 90.00
c = 131.400γ = 120.00
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