Chemical Component Summary

FormulaC12 H21 N
Molecular Weight179.30
Isomeric SMILESC[C@@H](N)C12CC3CC(CC(C3)C1)C2

Chemical Details

Formal Charge0
Atom Count34
Chiral Atom Count1
Chiral AtomsCB
Bond Count36
Aromatic Bond Count0
Leaving Atomsn/a

Drug Info: DrugBank

DrugBank IDDB00478 Different stereochemistry
DescriptionAn RNA synthesis inhibitor that is used as an antiviral agent in the prophylaxis and treatment of influenza. [PubChem]
  • Rimantadin
  • Rimantadine
SaltsRimantadine Hydrochloride
Brand Names
  • Flumadine
  • Rimantadine Hydrochloride
  • Rimantalist
Affected OrganismHuman Influenza A Virus
IndicationFor the prophylaxis and treatment of illness caused by various strains of influenza A virus in adults.
PharmacologyRimantadine, a cyclic amine, is a synthetic antiviral drug and a derivate of adamantane, like a similar drug amantadine. Rimantadine is inhibitory to the in vitro replication of influenza A virus isolates from each of the three antigenic subtypes (H1N1, H2H2 and H3N2) that have been isolated from man. Rimantadine has little or no activity against influenza B virus. Rimantadine does not appear to interfere with the immunogenicity of inactivated influenza A vaccine.
Mechanism of actionThe mechanism of action of rimantadine is not fully understood. Rimantadine appears to exert its inhibitory effect early in the viral replicative cycle, possibly inhibiting the uncoating of the virus. Genetic studies suggest that a virus protein specified by the virion M2 gene plays an important role in the susceptibility of influenza A virus to inhibition by rimantadine.
Route of administrationOral
  • Adamantane
  • Anti-Infective Agents
  • Antiinfectives for Systemic Use
  • Antiviral Agents
  • Antivirals for Systemic Use
CAS number13392-28-4

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