Chemical Component Summary

Identifiers(Z)-7-[(2S)-2-amino-3-hydroxy-3-oxo-propyl]sulfanyl-2-[[(1S)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropyl]carbonylamino]hept-2-enoic acid
FormulaC16 H26 N2 O5 S
Molecular Weight358.45
Isomeric SMILESCC1(C[C@@H]1C(=O)N/C(=C\CCCCSCC(C(=O)O)N)/C(=O)O)C

Chemical Details

Formal Charge0
Atom Count50
Chiral Atom Count1
Bond Count50
Aromatic Bond Count0

Drug Info: DrugBank

DrugBank IDDB01597 
  • approved
  • investigational
DescriptionCilastatin is an inhibitor of renal dehydropeptidase, an enzyme responsible for both the metabolism of thienamycin beta-lactam antibiotics as well as conversion of leukotriene D4 to leukotriene E4. Since the antibiotic, [imipenem], is one such antibiotic that is hydrolyzed by dehydropeptidase, cilastatin is used in combination with imipenem to prevent its metabolism. The first combination product containing both drugs was approved by the FDA in November of 1985 under the trade name Primaxin, marketed by Merck & Co.[L7628] A newer triple-drug product was approved in July 2019 under the trade name Recarbrio which also contains [relebactam].[L4894]
  • (L)-7-(2-Amino-2-carboxy-ethylsulfanyl)-2-[(2,2-dimethyl-cyclopropanecarbonyl)-amino]-hept-2-enoic acid
  • Cilastatinum
  • Cilastatin
  • (Z)-7-((R)-2-Amino-2-carboxy-ethylsulfanyl)-2-[((S)-2,2-dimethyl-cyclopropanecarbonyl)-amino]-hept-2-enoic acid
  • Cilastatine
Brand Names
  • Primaxin 500
  • Imipenem and Cilastatin for Injection, USP
  • Imipenem and Cilastatin
  • Recarbrio
  • Primaxin Im
IndicationCilastatin is indicated, in combination with [imipenem] with or without [relebactam], for the treatment of bacterial infections including respiratory, skin, bone, gynecologic, urinary tract, and intra-abdominal as well as septicemia and endocarditis.[L7526,L7568]
  • Cycloparaffins
  • Cyclopropanes
  • Dipeptidase Inhibitors
  • Enzyme Inhibitors
  • OAT1/SLC22A6 inhibitors
CAS number82009-34-5

Drug Targets

NameTarget SequencePharmacological ActionActions
Solute carrier family 22 member 6MAFNDLLQQVGGVGRFQQIQVTLVVLPLLLMASHNTLQNFTAAIPTHHCR...unknowninhibitor
Solute carrier family 22 member 8MTFSEILDRVGSMGHFQFLHVAILGLPILNMANHNLLQIFTAATPVHHCR...unknowninhibitor
Drug Info/Drug Targets: DrugBank 3.0: a comprehensive resource for 'omics' research on drugs. Knox C, Law V, Jewison T, Liu P, Ly S, Frolkis A, Pon A, Banco K, Mak C, Neveu V, Djoumbou Y, Eisner R, Guo AC, Wishart DS. Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Jan; 39 (Database issue):D1035-41. | PMID:21059682

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