Crystal structure of the ligand-bound glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor extracellular domain

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ChainsDomain InfoClassFoldSuperfamilyFamilyDomainSpecies
d3c59b1 Peptides Peptide hormones Peptide hormones Peptide hormones Exendin-4 ( ) [TaxId: ]
4.10.1240.10 Few Secondary Structures Irregular Hormone receptor fold GPCR, family 2, extracellular hormone receptor domain

Protein Family Annotation Pfam Database Homepage

PF02793Hormone receptor domain (HRM)Hormone receptor domain- Family
PF00123Peptide hormone (Hormone_2)Peptide hormone- Family

Membrane Protein Annotation: OPM OPM Database Homepage

ChainsExternal LinkTypeClassSuperfamilyFamily
A, B
OPMPeptidesAlpha-helical peptidesPeptide hormonesGlucagon family