Solution structure of the transmembrane domain of Bcl-2 member Harakiri in micelles

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PF15196Activator of apoptosis harakiri (Harakiri)Activator of apoptosis harakiri- Family

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ChainsExternal LinkTypeClassSuperfamilyFamily
OPMBcl-2 inhibitors of programmed cell death

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Protein Modification Annotation

Modified Residue(s)
NH2 RESIDAA0081 , AA0083 , AA0084 , AA0086 , AA0087 , AA0088 , AA0090 , AA0091 , AA0092 , AA0093 , AA0095 , AA0096 , AA0097 , AA0098 , AA0099 , AA0100

PSI-MOD :  L-alanine amide MOD:00090 , L-asparagine amide MOD:00092 , L-aspartic acid 1-amide MOD:00093 , L-glutamine amide MOD:00095 , L-glutamic acid 1-amide MOD:00096 , glycine amide MOD:00097 , L-isoleucine amide MOD:00099 , L-leucine amide MOD:00100 , L-lysine amide MOD:00101 , L-methionine amide MOD:00102 , L-proline amide MOD:00104 , L-serine amide MOD:00105 , L-threonine amide MOD:00106 , L-tryptophan amide MOD:00107 , L-tyrosine amide MOD:00108 , L-valine amide MOD:00109