Crystal Structure Analysis of Response Regulator DrrB, a Thermotoga maritima OmpR/PhoB Homolog

ChainDomainClassArchitectureTopologyHomology Alpha Beta 3-Layer(aba) Sandwich Rossmann fold Response regulator Mainly Alpha Orthogonal Bundle Arc Repressor Mutant, subunit A Winged helix-like DNA-binding domain superfamily/Winged helix DNA-binding domain

Protein Family Annotation Pfam Database Homepage

PF00072Response regulator receiver domain (Response_reg)Response regulator receiver domainThis domain receives the signal from the sensor partner in bacterial two-component systems. It is usually found N-terminal to a DNA binding effector domain.Domain
PF00486Transcriptional regulatory protein, C terminal (Trans_reg_C)Transcriptional regulatory protein, C terminal- Domain