Solution Structure of the HERG K+ channel S5-P extracellular linker

NMR Experiment
ExperimentTypeSample ContentsSolventIonic StrengthpHPressureTemperature (K)Spectrometer
12D NOESY1.4mM S5-P peptide100mM SDS, 90% H2O, 10% D2O03.3ambient303
NMR Spectrometer Information
SpectrometerManufacturerModelField Strength
NMR Refinement
simulated annealing, molecular dynamics, distance geometry, torsion angle dynamicsThe structures are based on a total of 430 restraints, 416 are NOE-derived distance constraints, 14 distance restraints from hydrogen bonds.XWINNMR
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformer Selection Criteriastructures with the lowest energy
Conformers Calculated Total Number1600
Conformers Submitted Total Number20
Representative Model8 (used in the publication)
Additional NMR Experimental Information
DetailsThe structures were determined using standard 2D homonuclear techniques
Computation: NMR Software
#ClassificationVersionSoftware NameAuthor
2data analysisXEASY1.3.13Bartels, C., Xia, T., Billeter, M., Guntert, P., Wuthrich, K.
3structure solutionDYANA1.5Guntert, P., Mumenthaler, C., Wuthrich, K.
4refinementCNS1.1Brunger, A. T., Adams, P.D., Clore, G.M., DeLano, W.L., Gros, P., Grosse-Kunstleve, R.W., Jiang, J.S., Kuszewski, J., Nilges, M., Pannu, N.S., Read, R.J., Rice, L.M., Simonson, T., Warren, G.L.