Crystal Structure of the Anti-His Tag Antibody 3D5 Single-Chain Fragment (scFv) in Complex with a Oligohistidine peptide

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Version NumberVersion DateVersion Type/Reason Version ChangeRevised CIF Category
1.02002-05-15Initial release
1.12008-04-27Version format compliance
1.22011-07-13Version format compliance Download
2.02018-05-02Advisory, Atomic model, Data collection, Database references, Derived calculations, Polymer sequence, Source and taxonomy, Structure summaryatom_site, entity, entity_poly, entity_poly_seq, entity_src_gen, pdbx_entity_nonpoly, pdbx_entity_src_syn, pdbx_entry_details, pdbx_nonpoly_scheme, pdbx_poly_seq_scheme, pdbx_struct_assembly, pdbx_struct_assembly_gen, pdbx_struct_assembly_prop, pdbx_struct_sheet_hbond, pdbx_unobs_or_zero_occ_atoms, pdbx_unobs_or_zero_occ_residues, pdbx_validate_torsion, struct_asym, struct_conf, struct_conn, struct_mon_prot_cis, struct_ref, struct_ref_seq, struct_sheet_range Download