Crystal Structure of Human Serine Threonine Kinase-10 Bound to 4-[(2,4-DICHLORO-5-METHOXYPHENYL)AMINO]-6- METHOXY-7-[3-(4-METHYLPIPERAZIN-1-YL)PROPOXY]QUINOLINE-3-CARBONITRILE apparently modified through radiation damage

  • Deposited: 2011-08-31 Released: 2011-11-09 
  • Deposition Author(s): Vollmar, M., Szklarz, M., Chaikuad, A., Elkins, J., Savitsky, P., Abdul Azeez, K., Salah, E., Krojer, T., Canning, P., Muniz, J.R.C., Von Delft, F., Bountra, C., Arrowsmith, C.H., Weigelt, J., Edwards, A., Knapp, S.
  • Entry 3ZZ2 was removed from the distribution of released PDB entries (status Obsolete) on 2012-10-10.
  • It has been replaced (superseded) by 4BC6.