Structure of the channel-forming trans-membrane domain of Virus protein "u" (Vpu) from HIV-1

NMR Experiment
ExperimentTypeSample ContentsSolventIonic StrengthpHPressureTemperature (K)Spectrometer
1PISEMACompletely aligned in glass plates: 3.5 mg Vpu2-30+ U-15N, 75 mg lipid mixture (DOPC:DOPG, 9:1)7.0ambient293
NMR Spectrometer Information
SpectrometerManufacturerModelField Strength
NMR Refinement
SCWRL 2.1This structure was constructed as a symmetric pentamer of the Vpu2-30+ trans-membrane construct based on the empirical minimization of energy upon the addition of sidechains to a backbone structure that was generated from solid-state NMR data using the program SCWRL.NMRPipe
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformer Selection Criteria
Conformers Calculated Total Number
Conformers Submitted Total Number5
Representative Model1 (minimized average structure)
Additional NMR Experimental Information
DetailsPISEMA: Polarization Inversion Spin Exchange at the Magic Angle
Computation: NMR Software
#ClassificationVersionSoftware NameAuthor
1processingNMRPipe2.1Delaglio, F., Grzesiek, S., Vuister, G.W., Zhu, G., Pfeifer, J., Bax, A.
2refinementSCRWL2.1Bower, M.J., Cohen, F.E. & Dunbrack Jr., R.L.