Influenza A virus hemagglutinin H16 HA0 structure with an alpha-helix conformation in the cleavage site: a potential drug target
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    Authors:   Lu, X.,  Shi, Y.,  Gao, F.,  Xiao, H.,  Qi, J.,  Gao, G.F.

    Deposition:   2012-05-07
    Release:   2012-11-21
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    Exp. Data:
      Structure Factors
    Resolution[Å]:   1.70
    R-Value: 0.161 (obs.)
    R-Free: 0.192
    Space Group: P 1 21 1
    Unit Cell:
      Length [Å] Angles [°]
    a = 69.33 α = 90.00 
    b = 240.94 β = 119.79 
    c = 69.67 γ = 90.00