Structure of P-glycoprotein Reveals a Molecular Basis for Poly-Specific Drug Binding

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Experimental Data Snapshot

  • Resolution: 4.4 Å
  • R-Value Free: 0.365
  • R-Value Work: 0.314

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Classification: MEMBRANE PROTEIN

Total Structure Weight: 285172.66

Macromolecule Entities
Molecule Chains Length Organism Details
Multidrug resistance protein 1a A, B 1284 Mus musculus EC#: IUBMB
Gene Name(s): Abcb1a Abcb4 Mdr1a Mdr3 Pgy-3 Pgy3

Membrane Protein

Source: inferred by homology | Group: ALPHA-HELICAL

Subgroup Name: ATP Binding Cassette (ABC) Transporters

Protein Name: P-Glycoprotein

Small Molecules
Ligands 1 Unique
ID Chains Name / Formula / InChI Key 2D Diagram 3D Interactions
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A, B (4R,11R,18R)-4,11,18-tri(propan-2-yl)-6,13,20- triselena-3,10,17,22,23,24-hexaazatetracyclo[,8~.1~12,15~]tetracosa- 1(21),5(24),7,12(23),14,19(22)-hexaene-2,9,16- trione
QZ59-RRR, (Synonym)
C24 H30 N6 O3 Se3
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Experimental Data & Validation

Experimental Data

  • Resolution: 4.4 Å
  • R-Value Free: 0.365
  • R-Value Work: 0.314
  • Space Group: P 21 21 21
  • Electron Density Server: EDS EDS

Unit Cell:

Length (Å) Angle (°)
a = 96.63 α = 90.00
b = 115.09 β = 90.00
c = 374.20 γ = 90.00

Structure Validation

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Entry History

Deposition Data

  • Deposited Date: 2009-02-05
  • Released Date: 2009-03-24
  • Deposition author(s): Aller, S.G., Yu, J., Ward, A., Weng, Y., Chittaboina, S., Zhuo, R., Harrell, P.M., Trinh, Y.T., Zhang, Q., Urbatsch, I.L., Chang, G.

Revision History

  • 2013-11-13
    Type: Atom nomenclature | Details: update ligand 0JZ
  • 2011-07-13
    Type: Version format compliance | Details: compliance with PDB Exchange Dictionary V4