The cryo-EM structure of a 3D DNA-origami object
Split Entry
The asymmetric unit for this structure is composed of multiple PDB entries:
2YMF    2YMG    2YMH    2YMI    2YMR   
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The complete entry has been assigned PDB ID 4V5X and is available for download in PDBx/mmCIF and PDBML/XML formats from the FTP archive at:
Primary Citation
Data in orange boxes are gathered from external resources (when available).
  Biological Assembly       
Composite of PDB entries (2YMF, 2YMG, 2YMH, 2YMI AND 2YMR)
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    Authors:   Bai, X.C.,  Martin, T.G.,  Scheres, S.H.W.,  Dietz, H.

    Deposition:   2012-10-09
    Release:   2012-11-28
    Last Modified (REVDAT):   2012-12-12
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    Exp. Data:

    EM Resolution [Å]: 11.5
    Aggregation State: PARTICLE
    Reconstruction Method: SINGLE PARTICLE
    Specimen Type: VITREOUS ICE