NMR Solution Structure of Type-B Lantibiotics Mersacidin in MeOH/H2O Mixture

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Experimental Data Snapshot

  • Method: SOLUTION NMR
  • Conformers Calculated: --
  • Conformers Submitted: 12
  • Selection Criteria:


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Classification: ANTIBIOTIC

Total Structure Weight: 1834.25

Macromolecule Entities
Molecule Chains Length Organism Details
LANTIBIOTIC MERSACIDIN A 20 Bacillus sp. hil-y85/54728 Gene Name(s): mrsA
Metabolic Pathways

Small Molecules
Biologically Interesting Molecules 1 Unique
ID Chains Name Type/Class 2D Diagram 3D Interactions
Query on PRD_000199
A Mersacidin Oligopeptide /
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Experimental Data & Validation

Experimental Data

  • Method: SOLUTION NMR
  • Conformers Calculated: --
  • Conformers Submitted: 12
  • Selection Criteria: --

Structure Validation

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Entry History

Deposition Data

  • Deposited Date: 2002-09-17
  • Released Date: 2003-03-11
  • Deposition author(s): Hsu, S.-T., Breukink, E., Bierbaum, G., Sahl, H.-G., de Kruijff, B., Kaptein, R., van Nuland, N.A., Bonvin, A.M.

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