Solution structure of Pin1At from Arabidopsis thaliana
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    Authors:   Landrieu, I.,  Wieruszeski, J.M.,  Wintjens, R.,  Inze, D.,  Lippens, G.

    Deposition:   2001-05-15
    Release:   2002-08-07
    Last Modified (REVDAT):   2009-06-09
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    Method:   SOLUTION NMR
    Exp. Data:
      NMR Restraints
    NMR Restraint Grid  
    NMR Ensemble
    Conformers Calculated:     150
    Conformers Submitted:     20
    Selection Criteria: structures with acceptable covalent geometry,structures with the least restraint violations,structures with the lowest energy
    NMR Refine
    Method: SOLUTION NMR