Localization of the large subunit ribosomal proteins into a 5.5 A cryo-EM map of Triticum aestivum translating 80S ribosome

  • Deposited: 2010-09-30 Released: 2010-12-01 
  • Deposition Author(s): Armache, J.-P., Jarasch, A., Anger, A.M., Villa, E., Becker, T., Bhushan, S., Jossinet, F., Habeck, M., Dindar, G., Franckenberg, S., Marquez, V., Mielke.T., Thomm, M., Berninghausen, O., Beatrix, B., Soeding, J., Westhof, E., Wilson, D.N., Beckmann, R.
  • Entry 3IZ5 was removed from the distribution of released PDB entries (status Obsolete) on 2010-12-15.
  • It has been replaced (superseded) by 3IZR.