Sequence Similarity Clusters for the Entities in PDB 5II4

Entity #1 | Chains: A
Maltose-binding periplasmic protein,Vitelline envelope sperm lysin receptor protein, length: 517 (BLAST)
Sequence Similarity Cutoff Rank Chains in Cluster Cluster ID / Name Structural variation in cluster
100 % 1 1 84433
95 % 2 2 34271 Flexibility: Low
Max RMSD: 0.5, Avg RMSD: 0.5
90 % 2 2 32773
70 % 93 218 89
50 % 93 218 118
40 % 93 218 140
30 % 102 229 142


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Rank PDB ID Entity ID Chains Description Details Taxonomy EC Number
1 5II4 1 A Maltose-binding periplasmic protein,Vitelline envelope sperm lysin receptor THIS PROTEIN IS A CHIMERA. RESIDUES 3668-4034 ARE FROM E. COLI MALTOSE BINDING PROTEIN (MBP), CORRESPOND TO RESIDUES 27-393 OF SWISS-PROT DATABASE ENTRY P0AEX9 AND CONTAIN MUTATIONS I3669T, D3749A, K3750A, E3839A, N3840A, A3882H, K3886H, K3906A, A3979V, I3984V, E4026A, E4029A, D4030A AND R4034N (CORRESPONDING TO I28T, D108A, K109A, E198A, N199A, A241H, K245H, K265A, A338V, I343V, E385A, E388A, D389A AND R393N IN P0AEX9). RESIDUES 4038-4175 ARE FROM RED ABALONE VITELLINE ENVELOPE SPERM LYSIN RECEPTOR AND CORRESPOND TO RESIDUES 38-175 OF SWISS-PROT DATABASE ENTRY Q8WR62 AND CONTAIN MUTATIONS N4115Q, N4122T, N4142Y AND N4171Q (CORRESPONDING TO N115Q, N122T, N142Y AND N171Q). 6454