X-RAY DIFFRACTION Experimental Data & Validation

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Crystalization Experiments
Method Vapor Diffusion Hanging Drop
pH 7.4
Temperature 298.0
Details 1.5 microliters of RebC (9 mg/mL in 150 mM NaCl, 10% glycerol, 25 mM HEPES pH 7.5) was incubated with 0.35 microliters of guanidine-HCl for 30 seconds, followed by addition of 1.5 microliters of precipitant solution (19% PEG-8000, 0.1 M HEPES pH 7.4), without mixing, at room temperature and sealed over a precipitant well solution. Immediately after set up, crystal trays were placed on a gel shaker and then, after 12 hours, transferred to a storage space in vibration-isolation. A crystal was then soaked in 19% PEG-8000, 0.1 M HEPES pH 7.4, and 5 mM chromopyrrolic acid for 1 week. The crystal was then soaked for 5 seconds in a cryogenic solution containing 19% PEG-8000, 0.1 M HEPES pH 7.4, 20% glycerol, and 5 mM chromopyrrolic acid and then flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen, VAPOR DIFFUSION, HANGING DROP, temperature 298K

Crystal Data

Unit Cell
Length (Å) Angle (°)
a = 64.89 α = 90
b = 78.44 β = 99.61
c = 123.62 γ = 90
Space Group P 1 21 1


Diffraction Experiment
ID # Data Collection Temperature
1 141.4
Diffraction Detector
Detector Diffraction Type Details Collection Date
CCD ADSC QUANTUM 315 -- 2007-03-21
Diffraction Radiation
Monochromator Protocol
Diffraction Detector Source
Source Type Wavelength List Synchrotron Site Beamline

Data Collection

Resolution (High) Resolution (Low) Percent Possible (Observed) R Merge I (Observed) R Sym I (Observed) Net I Over Average Sigma (I) Redundancy Number Reflections (All) Number Reflections (Observed) Observed Criterion Sigma (F) Observed Criterion Sigma (I) B (Isotropic) From Wilson Plot
2.37 50 90.8 -- 0.054 -- 6.2 46328 46328 -- -- --
High Resolution Shell
Resolution (High) Resolution (Low) Percent Possible (All) R Merge I (Observed) R-Sym I (Observed) Mean I Over Sigma (Observed) Redundancy Number Unique Reflections (All)
2.37 2.45 61.9 -- 0.274 3.5 -- 3138


Structure Solution Method Refinement High Resolution Refinement Low Resolution Cut-off Sigma (I) Cut-off Sigma (F) Number of Reflections (All) Number of Reflections (Observed) Number of Reflections (R-Free) Percent Reflections (Observed) R-Factor (All) R-Factor (Observed) R-Work R-Free R-Free Selection Details
MOLECULAR REPLACEMENT 2.37 50.0 -- 0.0 49884 45763 2283 91.7 -- -- 0.2046 0.2553 RANDOM
Temperature Factor Modeling
Temperature Factor Value
Isotropic Thermal Model ISOTROPIC
Mean Isotropic B 46.8
RMS Deviations
Key Refinement Restraint Deviation
c_angle_deg 1.30389
c_bond_d 0.006717
Coordinate Error
Parameter Value
Luzzati ESD (Observed) 0.32
Luzzati Sigma A (Observed) 0.33
Luzzati Resolution Cutoff (Low) 5.0
Luzzati ESD (R-Free Set) 0.41
Luzzati Sigma A (R-Free Set) 0.41
Number of Non-Hydrogen Atoms Used in Refinement
Non-Hydrogen Atoms Numbers
Protein Atoms 7965
Nucleic Acid Atoms 0
Heterogen Atoms 160
Solvent Atoms 353


Software Name Purpose
ADSC data collection version: Quantum
PHASER phasing
CNS refinement version: 1.1
DENZO data reduction
SCALEPACK data scaling