Solution structure of ribosomal protein S17E from Methanobacterium Thermoautotrophicum, Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Target TT802 / Ontario Center for Structural Proteomics Target Mth0803

SOLUTION NMR Experimental Data

Experimental Details
Sample Conditions
Sample Contents1 mM mth0803, U-15N,13C; 450 mM NaCl, 25 mM Na2PO4, 1mM Benzamidine, 1xinhibitor cooktail, 0.01% NaN3, 95% H2O, 5% D2O
Solvent95% H2O/5% D2O
Ionic Strength450 mM NaCl, 25 mM Phosphate buffer
Temperature (K)298
Experiment(s):3D_15N-separated_NOESY, 3D_13C-separated_NOESY, 4D_13C-separated_NOESY, HNHA
Spectrometer Information
Manufacturer Model Field Strength
Varian INOVA 600.0
NMR Refinement
Method torsion angle dyanmics
Details 1143 NOE-derived distance constraints and 159 angle constraints (PHI and PSI)
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformer Selection Criteria structures with the least restraint violations,target function
Conformers Calculated Total Number 112
Conformers Submitted Total Number 15
Representative Model Choice Rationale
1 lowest energy
Computation: NMR Software
# Classification Software Name Author
1 processing version: 2.1 NMRPipe Delaglio,F.
2 structure solution version: 2.0 AutoStructure Huang, Y.J., Montelione, G.T.
3 refinement version: 1.5 DYANA Gunter,P.
4 refinement version: 1.0 CNS Brunger, A.T. et al.