Contents of Major Directories

This table summarizes the contents of the major directories in the PDB FTP archive. Clicking on a directory name will open that directory.

Please note:

  • The two letter naming convention for structure holdings is retained for the directories within /pub/pdb/data/structures/divided and /pub/pdb/data/structures/divided/obsolete but not for the directories within /pub/pdb/data/structures/all, which contain the structure holdings in undivided layout.
  • PDB entries are available in PDB, mmCIF, and PDBML/XML format.
  • Only UNIX compressed files are supported for coordinates, structure factors, and restraints.


Directory Contents
/pub/pdb/data/structures/divided This is the entry point for a user finding a structure. This directory contains the current PDB, in pdb, mmCIF, XML, nmr_restraint, and structure_factors directories, with the files divided according to a two letter organization. Entries are grouped by the middle two characters of the ident code. For example, entry file pdb1abc.ent can be found in pub/pdb/data/structures/divided/pdb/ab
/pub/pdb/data/structures/all Analogous to the divided directory, containing pdb, mmCIF, nmr_restraint, and structure_factors directories, with symbolic links to files in the divided subdirectories. In the ./all directory, files are not divided into two-letter directories, however.
/pub/pdb/data/structures/models Theoretical model files that are maintained separately from the main archive
/pub/pdb/data/structures/obsolete Structures and associated data files no longer part of the archive
/pub/pdb/data/biounit Biological assembly coordinate files
/pub/pdb/data/monomers PDB Chemical Component Dictionary and other info on monomers
/pub/pdb/data/status Details of entries on hold and in processing
/pub/pdb/derived_data Plain text files that list information derived from all PDB entries, such as all PDB sequences in FASTA format, and a listing of all secondary structures in the PDB in FASTA format.
/pub/pdb/doc Documentation, including file format descriptions and RCSB PDB Newsletters


Last Updated: July 31, 2007