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UniProtKB description:  Chemokine that acts as a ligand for both CX3CR1 and integrins ITGAV:ITGB3 and ITGA4:ITGB1 (PubMed:9782118, PubMed:12055230, PubMed:23125415, PubMed:9931005, PubMed:21829356). The CX3CR1-CX3CL1 signaling exerts distinct functions in different tissue compartments, such as immune response, inflammation, cell adhesion and chemotaxis (PubMed:9024663, PubMed:9177350, PubMed:9782118, PubMed:12055230). Regulates leukocyte adhesion and migration processes at the endothelium (PubMed:9024663, PubMed:9177350). Can activate integrins in both a CX3CR1-dependent and CX3CR1-independent manner (PubMed:23125415, PubMed:24789099). In the presence of CX3CR1, activates integrins by binding to the classical ligand-binding site (site 1) in integrins (PubMed:23125415, PubMed:24789099). In the absence of CX3CR1, binds to a second site (site 2) in integrins which is distinct from site 1 and enhances the binding of other integrin ligands to site 1 (PubMed:23125415, PubMed:24789099).
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