DNA double-strand break repair Rad50 ATPase

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UniProtKB description:  Part of the Rad50/Mre11 complex, which is involved in the early steps of DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair (PubMed:11029422, PubMed:18957200). The complex may facilitate opening of the processed DNA ends to aid in the recruitment of HerA and NurA (PubMed:18957200). Rad50 controls the balance between DNA end bridging and DNA resection via ATP-dependent structural rearrangements of the Rad50/Mre11 complex (PubMed:24493214). The ATP-bound conformation promotes DNA end binding and end tethering, and alters Mre11 nuclease activity (PubMed:24493214). ATP hydrolysis promotes both Mre11 activity as well as HerA/NurA activity (PubMed:24493214). Has also reversible adenylate kinase activity (PubMed:17349953).
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