General control transcription factor GCN4

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UniProtKB description:  Master transcriptional regulator that mediates the response to amino acid starvation (PubMed:11390663, PubMed:29628310). Binds variations of the DNA sequence 5'-ATGA[CG]TCAT-3' in canonical nucleosome-depleted 5'-positioned promoters, and also within coding sequences and 3' non-coding regions (PubMed:29628310, PubMed:11390663, PubMed:1473154, PubMed:2277632, PubMed:1939099, PubMed:7664107, PubMed:2204805, PubMed:3678204, PubMed:3532321, PubMed:3530496). During nutrient starvation (low or poor amino acid, carbon or purine sources), it activates genes required for amino acid biosynthesis and transport, autophagy, cofactor biosynthesis and transport, mitochondrial transport, and additional downstream transcription factors (PubMed:11390663, PubMed:29628310, PubMed:8336737, PubMed:1939099, PubMed:10733573, PubMed:7862116). Activates transcription by recruiting multiple coactivators, including the mediator complex, the SAGA complex, and the SWI/SNF complex, to enable assembly of the pre-initiation complex at core promoters (PubMed:19940160, PubMed:9488488, PubMed:10549298).
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