Solution NMR Structure of the Second Domain of KSRP

A3.30.1370.10 Alpha Beta 2-Layer Sandwich Ribosomal Protein S8 Chain: A, domain 1

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APF09005Domain of unknown function (DUF1897) (DUF1897)Domain of unknown function (DUF1897)This domain is found in Psi proteins produced by Drosophila, and in various eukaryotic hypothetical proteins. It has no known function.Domain
APF00013KH domain (KH_1)KH domainKH motifs bind RNA in vitro. Autoantibodies to Nova, a KH domain protein, cause paraneoplastic opsoclonus ataxia.Domain

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ChainsPolymerMolecular FunctionBiological ProcessCellular Component
AKHSRP protein