Crystal structure of a hypothetical protein from thermus thermophilus HB8

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ChainsDomain InfoClassFoldSuperfamilyFamilyDomainSpecies
Ad1whza_ Alpha and beta proteins (a+b) dsRBD-like YcfA/nrd intein domain YcfA-like Hypothetical protein TTHA1913 (Thermus thermophilus ) [TaxId: 274 ]
A3.30.920.30 Alpha Beta 2-Layer Sandwich Metal Transport, Frataxin Chain A

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APF07927HicA toxin of bacterial toxin-antitoxin, (HicA_toxin)HicA toxin of bacterial toxin-antitoxin,- Family

Gene Product Annotation Gene Product Annotation

ChainsPolymerMolecular FunctionBiological ProcessCellular Component
AHypothetical protein