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KiNG Viewer

KiNG (Kinemage, Next Generation) is an interactive system for three-dimensional vector graphics. It supports a set of graphics primitives that make it suitable for many types of graphs, plots, and other illustrations; although its first use was to display macromolecular structures for biophysical research.

KiNG Viewer Website

Software Requirements



Mouse clicks
Normal Mark and identify point; make measurement (pick)
With Shift Center on selected point (pickcenter)
With Ctrl -
With Shift+Ctrl -


Mouse drags
Normal Rotate around X and Y axes; Z-rotate (pinwheel) near top of screen
With Shift Adjust zoom (up/down); Adjust clipping (left/right)
With Ctrl Translate in X-Y plane (flatland); Z-translate near top of screen
With Shift+Ctrl Rotate around Y axis only


Mouse wheel / Up & Down arrow keys
Normal Adjust zoom
With Shift Adjust clipping
With Ctrl -
With Shift+Ctrl -