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PDB-101 Structure Focus pages

PDB-101 Structure Focus pages highlight specific PDB entries discussed in a Molecule of the Month article. For a more in-depth look into the structure, click the "expert view" link.

3D View

The default 3D view promotes simple interactions with the molecule: users can interact with the 3D structure rendered on the page, by clicking and dragging the displayed structure. Properties such as style, color, and surface of the 3d structure can be changed through the drop down forms. To view specific chains within the structure, a user can select the desired chain under sequence display.

For additional 3D views and options, select View in Jmol to launch that viewer.


Sequence Display

The sequence display maps the primary and secondary structure and their structural domains (more details) to the protein sequence. Use the drop-down box to view specific chains within the 3D view of the structure.


Ligand and Interaction

The ligand and interaction section displays small molecules (ligands) in the structure and the way they interact with the macromolecules generated by Poseview (more details). To view the ligand in the 3D display, click the "jmol" link under the ligand. To view the ligand in greater detail, launch the Ligand Explorer viewer, or click the ligand image to view a detailed Ligand Summary page.