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Protein Feature View: Overview

The Protein Feature View provides a graphical summary of a full-length protein sequence from UniProt and how it relates to PDB entries. It also loads annotations from external databases such as Pfam domain annotations, or regions for which homology models are available from the Protein Model Portal. There are also tracks of annotations available that visualize predicted regions of protein disorder (computed with JRONN) and hydrophobic regions, as computed using a sliding window approach. Predicted disordered and hydrophobic regions are in red, ordered and hydrophilic regions are in blue.

By default representative PDB entries are being displayed that give an overview for which regions of the UniProtKB sequence PDB entries are available. The view can be expanded to show all available PDB entries (which can be many in some cases) by pressing the "+" icon or by selecting the "Extended" menu option.

View An example Protein Feature View.