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Author Profiles

What is an author profile?

Author Profiles display the structures that list a particular researcher as a Deposition or Primary Citation Author as a vertical timeline. To jump to a specific time period, select a year from the right navigation menu or scroll down the page to load subsequent years.

Each structure shown in the profile is ordered by the release date shown, and links to the Structure Summary page for the entry. Structures can be sorted by Newest or Oldest structure.

The first deposited instance of a particular protein or protein complex is displayed larger than future examples of similar molecules that contain the same set of UniProtKB IDs.

What is a unique structure?

Unique structures, denoted by a blue background, are the first structure of a polymer or polymer complex deposited by the researcher. Subsequent structures that contain the same set of UniProtKB cross-reference identifiers, will be displayed with a smaller image to help bring attention to the deposition of structures of new molecules.

Finding Author Profiles

Author Profiles can be accessed from the PDB-101 left-hand menu or from the PDB-101 pulldown Features menu. Type an author last name into the search box and click one of the suggested results.


Sharing an author profile

Author Profile URLs are permanent links. Use the share tab, or copy and paste the link to share via email or to post to a website.