Deposit Date

Search for structures by the date the entry was deposited with the Protein Data Bank.

Enter a start date into the left box and an end date into the right box to find all structures that were deposited to the PDB between those dates (including on the start or end date).

If the start date is left blank, all structures deposited before or on the end date are returned, and if the end date is left blank, all structures deposited on or after the start date are returned.

Clicking on one of the date fields pops up a calendar widget. Select a month and year from the pull down menus (or move forward or backwards one month at a time with the arrows), then click on a date. Dates can also be typed directly into the text box in the form yyyy-mm-dd.


  • Click on the left box and type 2008-01-01 (or select Jan from the first pull down and 2008 from the second pull down, and then click on 1). Then click on the right box and enter 2008-12-31. Click "Submit Query".

    This returns all structures that were deposited during 2008 (including those deposited on Jan 1 or Dec 31).

    Note that some recently deposited structures may not have been released yet. Those structures are listed under the "Unreleased Structures" tab on the Query Results page.