Data From External Resources Integrated Into the RCSB PDB Website
Resource Home URL Type of Data
BindingDB Binding affinities
Binding MOAD Binding affinities
BiGG Reconstruction of metabolic pathways
BMRB BMRB-to-PDB mappings
Catalytic Site Atlas Active sites and catalytic residues in enzymes
CATH Protein structure classification
Drugbank Drug and drug target data
Electron Density Server Electron density maps
ExPASy Enzyme classification
Gencode Gene structure data
Gene Ontology Biological ontologies
HIVToolbox HIV protein data
HMMER3 Sequence similarity searches
Human Gene Nomenclature Committee human gene name nomenclature and genomic information
Immune Epitope Database Antibody and T cell epitopes
LS-SNP Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
MMDB Macromolecular structure data from NCBI
MOPED multi-omics expression information
mpstruc Classification of transmembrane protein structures in PDB
NCBI Gene Gene info, reference sequences, et al.
NCBI Taxonomy Organism Classification
OLDERADO NMR domain composition and clustering
OPM Orientation of transmembrane proteins
PDBbind-CN Binding affinities
PDB-REDO Validation data
Pfam Protein families
PhospoSitePlus Mammalian post-translational modifications diffraction images
Protein Model Portal Homology models
PSI Target Track Target declaration and methods
PubMed Citation information
PubMedCentral Open access literature
RECOORD NMR structure ensembles
RESID Protein modifications
SBGrid Structural Biology Data Grid / diffraction images
Structural Biology Knowledgebase High throughput structural biology tools and data
SCOP Protein structure classification
SIFTS Structure, function, taxonomy, sequence
Store.Synchrotron Data Store diffraction images
TCDB Classification of membrane transport proteins
UniProt Protein sequences and annotations
UCSC genome browser human genome data