What's New

The October 2015 release offers the following features:

Redesigned Structure Summary Page

Redesigned Structure Summary Page

The Structure Summary page has been extensively redesigned.

New Organization

  • Structure Summary: High level overview of the structure
  • 3D View: Interactive web-based molecular viewers
  • Annotations: Protein domain and functional annotations
  • Sequence: Diagram of polymer sequences, secondary structure, and binding sites
  • Sequence Similarity: Clusters of similar protein sequences
  • Structure Similarity: Structural neighbors of protein domains
  • Experiment: Structure determination details
  • Literature: List of PubMedCentral publications referencing the PDB ID
Improved Layout for Structure Summary Page

Improved Layout

The Structure Summary page has been redesigned with high level information available for each PDB entry, including structure classification, expression organism, and mutations. More detailed information about macromolecules, small molecules and experimental data and validation appear lower in the page.

Better Support for Mobile Browsing

Structure Summary pages incorporate "responsive" design that can adjust the layout for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Mobile Support - Responsive Layout
A Structure Summary page rendered on a phone.

The dedicated mobile app RCSB PDB Mobile, is also available from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Literature Tab

Literature Tab

Data Mentions
Literature Tab Redesigned

The new Literature Tab lists articles from the PubMedCentral Open Access Subset that contain PDB IDs in the full text article ("Data Mentions"). For each article, the sentence(s) containing the PDB ID are listed. Articles titles can be filtered by keywords and sorted by year. Data Mentions are text-mined using software developed by the BioCADDIE project.

Literature Tab Redesigned

Redesigned Ligand Summary Page

Redesigned Ligand Summary Page

Ligand Summary pages have been streamlined
Ligand Summary Page redesigned Ligand annotation from external resources, i.e., DrugBank, are indicated in orange.