RCSB PDB Newsletter #20: NIGMS News: PSI-2 and Structural Biology Roadmap RFA

No. 20
Winter 2004


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NIGMS News: PSI-2 and Structural Biology Roadmap RFA

Concept Clearance of the PSI-2 Production Phase

Plans for the next phase of the NIGMS Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) were announced at the recent NIGMS Council meeting (www.nigms.nih.gov/news/reports/council-psi-sept03.html). This phase will begin in 2005 with the grant announcement expected for early 2004. It is envisioned as an interacting network with large-scale research centers that will operate as high throughput structural genomics pipelines for protein production and structure determination. The plans approved by the Council also include the establishment of specialized research centers for development of new methods, technology, and approaches for the production and structure determination of especially challenging proteins, such as membrane proteins and proteins from humans and other higher eukaryotic organisms, as well as for projects to address technology barriers to high-throughput operation.

Since 2000, the NIGMS has funded nine pilot structural genomics research centers as part of its plan to reduce the costs and increase the success of the structural determination of proteins. The long- range goal of the PSI is to make the three-dimensional atomic-level structures of most proteins easily obtainable from knowledge of their corresponding DNA sequences. The pilot projects have focused on high throughput methods for structure determination in order to achieve these goals. For more information please visit www.nigms.nih.gov/psi.

Announcement of Structural Biology Roadmap RFA

Structural biology is also prominent in the plans of the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research (nihroadmap.nih.gov/structuralbiology/index.asp). The roadmap includes an RFA (request for applications) for Centers for Innovation in Membrane Protein Production. Letters of intent are due by February 5, 2004 with applications due by March 11, 2004.