RCSB PDB Newsletter #20: Updates of mmCIF Files on the RCSB PDB FTP Site

No. 20
Winter 2004


Message from the RCSB PDB

Announcing the Worldwide Protein Data Bank

Downloadable PDB_EXTRACT Makes Deposition Easier

Biological Unit Tutorial Now Available from the RCSB PDB

Ligand Depot--a Small Molecule Information Resource

PDB Focus: Deposition and Release Policies

PDB Deposition Statistics

Lucene Keyword Search Released on the RCSB PDB Web Site

PDB Focus: Redundancy Reduction Cluster Data Available on the PDB FTP Site

PDB Focus: Searching for Experimental Data Files

Updates of mmCIF Files on the RCSB PDB FTP Site

RCSB PDB Web Site Statistics

NIGMS News: PSI-2 and Structural Biology Roadmap RFA

RCSB PDB Article Published in Nucleic Acids Research

New Update Release of CD-ROM Sets

PDB Molecules of the Quarter: Trypsin, Simian Virus 40, and Catabolite Activator Protein

PDB Community Focus: Edward N. Baker

PDB Education Corner by Katherine Kantardjieff

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RCSB PDB Job Listings

RCSB PDB Members & Statement of Support

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Updates of mmCIF Files on the RCSB PDB FTP Site

As previously announced, the update of September 2, 2003 included the replacement of all mmCIF files in the RCSB PDB FTP archives with the remediated mmCIF files. Due to our ongoing data curation efforts, occasional weekly updates will include the replacement of large numbers of mmCIF files. We have decided to reserve the first Tuesday of each month for these potential bulk mmCIF updates. Such updates should not be required every month. If you would like to be added to a list of FTP users who will receive individual e-mail notifications prior to each bulk update, please send your request to info@rcsb.org.