New Summary Report Available from TargetDB

TargetDB ( is a database of registration and tracking information for structural genomics centers worldwide. TargetDB provides timely status and tracking information on the progress of the production and solution of structures.

The target database can be searched by sequence using FASTA (W.R. Pearson and D.J. Lipman (1988): Improved tools for biological sequence comparison. PNAS 85, pp. 2444-2448). Sequence searches may include the target sequences, PDB sequences, or both. Target sequences may also be searched by contributing site, protein name, project tracking identifier, date of last modification, and the current status of the target (e.g. cloned, expressed, crystallized, ...). Search results may be viewed as HTML reports, FASTA data files, or in XML.

A new feature at the TargetDB site is a search form that can provide summary tracking of target status. This form is now available from TargetDB's main page. Users can search by Target ID, date, or site(s). The summary report includes the number of targets at any given stage in the pipeline. With this new option it is possible to track the progress of a target or of an entire center over a user defined time interval. For instance, reports can be created for each NIH center describing the number of targets in each status category by project year.

Further information about TargetDB and links to structural genomics resources are available at

The new Target Status Summary Query Form ( Summary report for all NIH centers (January 1 - June 1, 2003) from TargetDB's new Target Status Summary Query Form