PDB Art Part of Molecular Gallery Show at Cal State Fullerton

The PDB's traveling art exhibit is part of the Art of Science show at California State University, Fullerton. Featured are images from the PDB and 3-D models by David Goodsell and Arthur Olson (The Scripps Research Institute). Also included are objects from the Cal State Fullerton Keck Center for Molecular Structure, such as an older generation X-ray camera. The Art of Science will run through December 19 at the Atrium Gallery in the Paulina June & George Pollak Library.

The PDB's Art of Science exhibit includes large-scale depictions of proteins and images and text from the Molecule of the Month series. The PDB would like to see the Art of Science travel to other places. If you would be interested in sponsoring this exhibit at your institution, please let us know at info@rcsb.org.

This 3-D model of the digestive enzyme chymotrypsin
is part of the
Art of Science exhibit at Cal State Fullerton.