PDB Releases XML Data Files for Beta Test

All of the released PDB entries are now available in XML format from the PDB beta FTP site at ftp://beta.rcsb.org/pub/pdb/uniformity/data/XML/. Comments are welcomed on these data.

The XML data files have been created by software translation of the mmCIF data files (ftp://beta.rcsb.org/pub/pdb/uniformity/data/mmCIF/) created as part of the PDB Data Uniformity Project. The mmCIF data files use the data items defined in the PDB Exchange Dictionary(deposit.pdb.org/mmcif). The XML data files conform to an XSD style XML Schema (deposit.pdb.org/mmcif/dictionaries/ascii/pdbx-v0.905.xsd) derived from the PDB Exchange Dictionary. As a result, the element and attribute names in the XML data files directly correspond to the item names defined the PDB Exchange Dictionary.

The delivery of PDB data in XML format is the product of a collaboration between the Protein Data Bank Japan (PDBj), the Macromolecular Structure Database (MSD) group at European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), and the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB).